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Listening Tree has been at the forefront of developing and introducing Supervision into organisations across Lancashire and beyond since 2015. We have seen the positive impact it has on the communities we serve. Our experiences has shown that the where supervision works best is when staff are engaged from the outset; introducing the idea of supervision, how it benefits the individual and the organisation and how best to embed it in to everyday practice.



Introduction to Supervision

Listening Tree has developed a brief introduction session that can be delivered to staff groups at their staff meetings and is strongly recommended prior to commencing supervision within the workplace. This helps to ensure that the model of supervision you chose for your organisation is sustainable.

Supervision Explained

Supervision provides a safe, confidential space to review and explore professional practice for staff in groups or on an individual basis.

Supervision is a form of professional reflective practice offering employees the opportunity to review and reflect on their work alongside a supervisor. It has a strong restorative / wellbeing element but equally supports good practice.

Whilst supervision differs from counselling, in that the focus is on professional practice, it has a strong containment element acknowledging the emotional and psychological impact of the work on employees. It supports and resources staff in taking responsibility for their own well-being and care


“gives us a chance to stand back and reflect: a chance to avoid the easy way out of blaming others – clients, peers, the organisation, ‘society’ or even oneself; and can give us the chance to engage in the search for new options, to gain the learning that emerges from the most difficult situations, and to get support.”  

(Hawkins and Shohet 2000:3)


Our Supervision Service

We provide 1:1 supervision online which offers flexibility and reduces travel time and cost as well as reducing the impact on the climate.

We can provide face to face supervision at our office or within an organisation as part of a bigger package.

Groups are usually provided face to face in the workplace although smaller groups can be facilitated online.

We also support organisations with establishing their own sustainable models of supervision.


Benefits of Supervision for You and Your Organisation

  • Supports staff health and well-being, improving staff morale and reducing absenteeism

  • Encourages awareness of own mental health and well-being, building strategies for self-care and building resilience

  • Connects dispersed workforces.

  • Delivery of effective and safe practice through self-reflection

  • Provides an opportunity to recognise good practice and identify areas for development

  • An opportunity to discuss and reflect on sensitive issues including professional relationships, personal development, safeguarding

  • Supports effective communication pathways within the organisation

  • Assists in providing clarity about roles and responsibilities

Elevate Your Team's Potential with Expert Supervision

Get in touch to explore our Supervision Services designed to enhance professional growth and team dynamics

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