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Listening Tree - Supervision & Reflective Practice

Supervision & Reflective Practice

Supervision & Reflective Practice in Schools

Listening Tree has facilitated supervision training for the last 2 years, on behalf of the Education Health and Well-being Team at Lancashire County Council.

Supervision and Reflective Practice, provides a safe, confidential space to review & explore professional practice for staff in groups, or on an individual basis for key pastoral staff, SENCO’s and Senior Leadership Teams.

Supervision and Reflective Practice Training

What is supervision?

“At its simplest, supervision is a forum where supervisees review and reflect on their work in order to do it better. Practitioners bring their actual work-practice to another person (individual supervision), or to a group (small group or team supervision), and with their help review what happened in their practice in order to learn from that experience. Ultimately, supervision is for better quality service”

- Michael Carroll

Supervision and Reflective Practice Training Session

Benefits of supervision

Supervision has a unique contribution to make in schools in addressing staff well-being and supporting a whole-school approach to mental health.

It provides a formal structure to enable staff to feel valued, to recognise the impact of their work upon their well-being and how this can in turn affect the pupils they support. It can also assist in recruitment, retention and absenteeism of staff.

Supervision Pricing

We have devised a price list for the supervision services Listening Tree can offer, so that you can create a package that best meets the unique needs of your school.

In addition, we have created an alternative pricing structure, which may be a favourable option for cluster groups as it would enable an equivalent level of support at a reduced cost to individual schools.

"I feel as though the course has further enhanced my listening skills and reminded me just how valuable the power of silence can be, giving the young person space and time to talk freely."

Listening Tree

To arrange supervision sessions, or for more information, please email us Alternatively, complete our contact form

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