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Bereavement and Loss in the Workplace

Bereavement and loss is something everybody will experience during their lifetime, causing unique responses to each individual. Opening dialogues about loss is crucial to alleviate anxieties and to reduce miscommunication and to provide the necessary support to the bereaved during their career and beyond.

Bereavement and Loss in Schools

Listening Tree seeks to partner with schools to navigate the sensitive topic of bereavement with pupils, providing support to educators who may fear exacerbating the situation, by empowering them to use their insight into each child’s unique needs and strengths for effective support.

Introduction to Supervision

Supervision, as a reflective practice distinct from management, offers employees a chance to contemplate their professional experiences with a supervisor to address the emotional and psychological effects of their work, promoting self-care and signaling their value, which boosts workplace morale, decreases absenteeism, and enhances staff retention.

Supporting Emotional Health and Wellbeing

This course aims to enable employers to enhance mental health and wellbeing support in the workplace, an imperative that has grown in urgency with the dispersed workforce post-COVID-19, creating a safe space for staff to discuss their emotional health and empowering managers to listen and respond effectively.

Attachment and Building Resilience

Understanding early childhood attachment styles and theories is crucial for grasping challenging behaviors and better equipping caregivers to support children when necessary, as well as strategising to foster the child's ability to form positive relationships and manage emotions in the future.

Building Resilience

Fostering resilience in employees enhances their ability to handle adversity and maintain performance under pressure, and prioritizing their mental health and well-being is key to strengthening this resilience, ultimately boosting the organisation's overall performance.

Communication Skills

This course enhances essential communication abilities, integral for optimising interactions with clients, colleagues, and superiors, and serves as the cornerstone of effective leadership, management, and overall performance.

Active Listening Skills

This training course is designed to help develop active listening skills, a critical component for fostering strong personal and professional connections, and to address the unique challenges posed by the rise of remote and independent work environments.

Supervision Facilitator Skills

The supervision skills course is designed to educate staff about the fundamentals of supervision and to develop the necessary skills and qualities to facilitate it effectively, with a prerequisite that attendees should have at least 12 months of personal experience in receiving supervision.

Enrichment workshops

Listening Tree provides tailored staff workshops aimed at enhancing workplace enrichment and employee wellbeing, with custom packages developed to address unique needs, including a selection of topics chosen by you.


Listening Tree offers numerous training programmes to support organisations in developing their staff and internal resources. Our training includes the following topic areas: Active Listening Skills, Communication Skills, Bereavement and Loss in schools, Bereavement and Loss in the workplace, Introduction to Supervision, Supervision Facilitation Skills, Supporting Emotional Health and Wellbeing, Self-Care, Attachment and building resilience and Resilience plus we can provide bespoke training on request on a number of other subject areas.
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