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Listening Tree counselling service provides a safe and confidential space for individuals to talk to a trained professional counsellor about any issues or concerns. The therapist will help the person to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours in order to develop a better understanding of themselves and of others. The Listening Tree counsellor will help the individual find their own solutions – whether that’s making effective changes in their lives or finding ways of coping with difficulties.

We welcome counseling referrals for adults and children experiencing a range of challenges, including bereavement and loss, traumatic events, family-related issues, anxiety, substance misuse, and psycho-sexual concerns.

Adult Counselling

There are no easy answers as to why our mental health and wellbeing suffer sometimes and not others, but taking the time to talk through their issues will help clients to identify what they want from their lives, what they can change or what they need to accept or let go of and who and what can help. Listening Tree counsellors are highly experienced and work in ways that best meet your needs.

Workplace Wellbeing

Listening Tree provides 1:1 counselling sessions, usually time limited, to support the staff member whilst they await access to long term support via GPs or Mental Health Services if required. This assists the staff member to feel supported by the employer and assists them to continue in their role. We usually provide counselling for staff online, allowing flexibility, reducing travel time, costs and our impact on our carbon footprint.

Counselling and Mental Health and Wellbeing Support for Children and Young People

When your child is struggling with their mental health and wellbeing it is difficult to know where to get help and support. Listening Tree have experienced trained children’s and young people’s therapist on hand to support you and your child to work with them towards feeling like themselves again.

School Services for Pupils and Staff

Listening Tree provide counselling and mental health and wellbeing support in both primary and secondary schools for both pupils and staff. The therapist would work closely with the school in supporting the emotional wellbeing of the whole school community. We would look to develop emotional intelligence, explore relationships and attachment issues, and help to develop resilience skills needed as lifelong tools.

An example of a package might include individual assessments, pupil counselling, parental support and liaison, staff support and debriefing. Packages are available on request.

Empowerment & Wellbeing in Your Life and Community

Contact us to discover personalised counselling for individuals and tailored mental health strategies for schools and workplaces

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