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Listening Tree Associate

Johanna Shirt


I am friendly, open and honest. I am an experienced counsellor, helping clients build resilience and develop coping strategies to deal with life’s challenges. I offer a calm and compassionate space away from the interruptions of daily life. Somewhere you can truly focus on you. I am a caring, warm and gentle person and I listen without judgement.

I am qualified in Person Centred Theory, CBT and Transactional Analysis. I have completed additional training in working with Trauma. This means I can use different approaches tailored to your individual needs. 

Counselling can give you the opportunity to be truly heard, it can help you to process difficult events and begin to move on. Understanding difficult feelings and why we respond the way we do can lead to a better understanding of ourselves. This can help you to develop coping strategies and lead to personal growth and acceptance. Leaving you feeling more confident and able to move forward with life. Helping you to feel like you again. 

Johanna Shirt
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