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Bereavement and Loss in Schools

Talking about bereavement with pupils can often be a tricky subject and it can sometimes feel like there is not much support available to the professionals involved with the child. Professionals are often fearful of saying ‘the wrong thing’ or ‘making things worse’.
Listening Tree is interested in working collaboratively with schools to help address such concerns and to help empower the professionals, who are often the experts in the child’s individual needs and capabilities, to support the child.

Course Objectives

  • To explore different grief models and the impact of grief; physically and emotionally.

  • How grief affects children at different ages and stages of development.

  • Supporting the bereaved family.

  • Care for the caregiver, including the professionals around the child in the form of wellbeing supervision.

  • Support for the whole school including the development of a bereavement policy and delivering bad news.

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